UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified and authorised by the Italian Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Policies to carry out personnel recruiting and selection activities.

Lauded by UnionCamere Lombardia for the choice of communicating in a transparent manner its conduct with regard to social responsibility, thus becoming a part of the Internet Repertoire of "Buone Prassi Lombarde" (Lombardy's Good Practices) launched by the local Chambers of Commerce for the promotion of Social Responsibility in Lombardy, as a communicating and sharing tool for the dissemination of good practices throughout the Region.

Partner in the Agreement for the creation of the Local Conciliation alliance "Conciliazione in Pratica (C.I.P.) - La piccola impresa si innova" (Conciliation in practice – Small businesses meet innovation) of ASL Milano (Local Health Agency)..

Selexi is especially committed to the implementation of an organisational model designed to contrast criminal behaviour pursuant to Leg. Decree No. 231/2001. To this end, it has implemented an Ethical Code, shared and undersigned by all of its employees, containing both the principles and the values on which corporate conduct is based and the initiatives aimed at avoiding and/or penalising non-compliant actions performed by any subject interacting with the company.

Moreover, the company has also prepared the 2020 Financial Statements where it explains its mission, its relations with and the contribution by each category of stakeholders..

Selexi has drawn up a "Documento di Valutazione del Rischio" (Risk Assessment Document) that illustrates the company's main data and its position with regard to the provisions in Leg. Decree No. 81/2008 and related regulations (Min. Decree No. 10/03/98, Leg. Decree No. 388/03, etc.).

Selexi is committed to sustainability. In fact, in 2022 we have reduced our climate impact thanks to CO2 emissions offsetting projects.
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