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Our history

Selexi was founded in 1999 with the specific aim of establishing itself in the field of staff selection through multiple-choice tests.

Selexi has managed thousand selection procedures, mainly divided between public competitions organised by public bodies and university admissions tests for degree programs at the most prestigious Italian universities.

Overall, over 3 million candidates participate in the selections conducted by Selexi.

For several years, Selexi has extended its expertise to the fields of Training and Marketing Research, offering its customers the design of selected and targeted training and development courses, in addition to conducting tailored qualitative and quantitative studies, using the most consolidated and meticulous research methods.

Selexi handles all the stages involved in developing its services with its own resources and expertise, thanks to a team of 18 professionals, divided between the Milan and Rome offices, who are highly-skilled at preparing content, organising and managing procedures and processing data.

Selexi owns software for conducting computerised selection, assessment and orientation tests and in recent years it has created a network of examination centers on a global scale, with a view to providing its remote tests to any country in the world. In 2015, in order to consolidate its leadership in the specific field of computer-based testing, Selexi designed and built the largest Test Center in Europe, fitted with 300 computer workstations.

The Test Center is accredited to issue IT and professional certifications.

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