A leader in the management of selection
procedures and the organisation of examinations, both on paper and
computerised, at various international
locations, through its test center network.


The design and creation of training plans
and tailored courses for the management
of professional roles, for managers,
public body staff and sales and
front office staff.


Comprehensive consultancy for
market research: needs analysis,
qualitative and quantitative studies,
quality monitoring and
customer satisfaction.

From needs

to the quality solution

Selexi offers consultancy about the creation of complete corporate training plans, accompanying customers at every stage of training planning.

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Many methods one goal:

continuous improvement

The courses provided by Selexi are taught by experienced trainers capable of producing training experiences that are practical as well as theoretical.

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Solution to expand the professionalism

It organises team-building training within a company designed to strengthen staff's sense of sharing the company's values and goals, synergy, cooperation and the development of human resources.

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Large selections become

fast, objective and transparent

Selexi offers absolute guarantees of transparency, objectivity, anonymity, low cost, confidentiality, privacy, speed of completion and equal opportunities for candidates in accordance with regulations relating to public competitions.

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Select the best students

success is assured!

A leader in the preparation and administration of university access tests, Selexi works with over 30 universities and annually handles hundreds of admissions tests for every type of department, in Italy and throughout the world.

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Refinement of the preparation

successfully overcome every trial

Selexi has developed software that can be used through personalised access, with which you can complete exercises consisting of multiple-choice questions. The questions are randomly selected from specifically developed, fine-tuned question databases.

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A more thorough evaluation of the candidates?

Now you can thanks to the assessment Center Selexi

The Selexi Assessment Center is a selection and assessment method that is useful for identifying candidates' professional, methodological, social and behavioural skills and all the individual qualities that are required for certain roles within an organisation.

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Thanks to Selexi's online computer system, every candidate can view their own selection documents (personal record, answer sheet, questionnaire, correct answers and scoring algorithm), allowing candidates to immediately and confidentially verify their scores without having to make a formal request to access the paper records.

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Scientific tools for psychometric assessment in Spanish-speaking markets

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Reliable and always accessibile remotely

surveilled online procedures

Selexi offers state-of-the-art technologies for control, technical assistance, confidentiality and anonimty, transparency, equal opportunities for candidates, objectivity and certain results in accordance with the current legislation on public competitions that are carried out online with remote surveillance.

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Qualitative surveys

Why? and How?

The research focuses on the reasons behind a particular phenomenon or attitude. Qualitative researchers provide the customer with an overview of the insights (the most special and profound aspects) of what they are investigating.

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Quantitative surveys

How ? When ? What? and Who?

Quantitative surveys allow you to investigate the questions How many? When, What? and Who? in a fast, effective and efficient way, by conducting interviews on a very large target within a limited time frame.

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Other methodologies

Desk Research

A preliminary, investigative study that involves the reconstruction of information.

Paper questionnaires

Particularly suitable for measuring customer satisfaction.

Mystery Shopping

A type of research that allows companies to measure the quality of their services.

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News / 2023-10-09T00:00:00+0200
4 week 4 inclusion - La grande maratona dedicata alla diversità e all’inclusione
Selexi partecipa a #4W4i un grande evento interaziendale per promuovere e valorizzare la Diversity nel mondo del lavoro.
Diversità e Inclusione sono preziosi.
Partecipiamo per attribuire maggior valore.

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News / 2023-10-02T00:00:00+0200
Selexi al Forum Sanità 2023
Selexi ha implementato, grazie alla Realtà Virtuale (VR), un sistema che permette di valutare, in fase di selezione il saper fare di figure professionali quali infermieri, OSS, tecnici radiologi, ecc.
Oltre a fornire una dimostrazione pratica, che consentirà ai responsabili degli Uffici del Personale delle Aziende Sanitarie di provare direttamente il visore Selexi simulando l’esecuzione di un elettrocardiogramma, ragioneremo insieme a loro su come rendere efficienti, efficaci e digitali le selezioni per tutte le istituzioni sanitarie.
Questo e molto altro verrà discusso al Forum Sanità di quest'anno, il 25 e 26 ottobre 2023, a Roma.
#selexi #testyourfuture #VR #realtàvirtuale #provapratica #oss #tecnici #radiologie #ecografie
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News / 2023-09-28T00:00:00+0200
Test di ammissione per i Corsi di Laurea Magistrale delle Professioni Sanitarie
28 settembre
Test di ammissione per i Corsi di Laurea Magistrale delle Professioni Sanitarie
Selexi è presente nelle seguenti università :
Università degli Studi di Brescia
Università degli Studi di Ferrara
Università degli Studi di Perugia
Università di Napoli Federico II
Università degli Studi di Palermo
Università di Pisa
Università di Genova
Università di Catania
Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
#selexi #testyourfuture
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